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Ametek OEM Trace New Surplus Material Applicable to a Variety of Civil and Military Aircraft

The attached listing represents surplus/excess Ametek Aerospace insturment rotables and expendables available for immediate bulk sale. We have decided to consider divestiture offers for this package which represents material that is primarily outside the boundaries of our core market focus.

We purchased this package ourselves directly from Ametek in late 2003 and material is presently located at our warehouse in Houston, Tx.  All items are in new surplus condition and in original factory packaging just as they were received from the factory, Ametek. Civilian material includes OEM FAA8130-3 tags, and military items would include OEM (Ametek) Certificate of Conformance, with all items traceable to the OEM,  Ametek Aerospace, and all items include Ametek Pack List  / C of C. Additional information such as aircraft application and NHA are available upon request.

Pricing indicated is likely outdated and is provided for reference only. This special offer is to sell in bulk only at drastically reduced ‘surplus pricing’  and therefore all material will be sold ‘as is-where is’, with no warranties of any kind, and with factory warranty expired and not applicable – with shelf life expired. Material is offered available subject to prior sale and withdrawal from market, List attached is believed to be 98% accurate and buyer must assume a 2% margin for error in quantities and part numbers available. FOB: Houston, Tx. USA. Our only interest is to sell this package in bulk so please DO NOT list on various parts locator services. All legitimate offers received in writing will be considered.


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We appreciate your time and consideration of this offer.

Best regards,
Garrett W. Schwarz
Aeroval, Inc.
ph: 281-389-1881